Displays the audio level

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How about to add the option of displaying the current volume to the system tray instead of the speaker icon? Something like this:

Image 14
It would be very convenient!

And maybe same feature for battery percent and network (wifi connection) percent.
BTW, I'm using HotkeyP for controlling the volume, and I can see the percentages of volume while changing.

Maybe you want to give it a try. From my experience, I never needed to the percentages in the system tray.
I think I'd like to have the volume level shown in/with the tray icon, but I'd prefer it to be a kind of overlay, similar to the numbers that 7+ Taskbar Numberer places on them (except at the bottom right, instead of the top right, so the two don't conflict). It would improve the experience of the 'Control volume with scroll wheel' function for me noticeably.

What about displaying the percentages by refreshing the tooltip?

Scroll the wheel while hovering the Speaker Icon, will change the volume. Instead of opening the Volume Bar, it will display the change by the percentages in the tooltip.


Like the sndvol_tooltip advanced option does?

I want the speaker icon+the percentage to be displayed