Not a bug

Restarting the graphics driver breaks right click menu on second monitor taskbar

martixy 4 months ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 4 months ago 3

Whenever the graphics driver is restarted (e.g. when updating the driver or sometimes when my second monitor wallpaper bugs out and requires the driver to be restarted to restore it) the right click menu on the second monitor stops working.

I know it's minor and incredibly specific, but it has been annoying for forever.

Win10 22H2, nVidia graphics

The standard menu is a Windows feature, and can be activated by holding the Shift key (7+ Taskbar Tweaker merely allows to use it without Shift). I'd assume that the bug is unrelated to the tweaker and happens without it if you try to bring up the menu with Shift+right click.

    Hm.... you are right that it also breaks when using shift-right click.

    At the same time restarting 7tt also fixes the problem, so it does seem to have something to do with 7tt (unless there's a flaw in my logic I'm not aware of). Or something 7tt does on initializing fixes the problem? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    EDIT: Oh, I should mention that I am using StartIsBack, which has been known in the past to have interactions with 7tt.

    Not a bug

    Well, if the problem happens without the tweaker running, it sounds more like something 7tt does on initializing fixes the problem... Also, indeed it can also be related to StartIsBack which touches this area. I'm closing this issue for now, as it seems to be unrelated to 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. If you find something else, or come up with reproduction steps, follow-up with a comment.