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You have to have two keyboard languages enabled to be able to change the language bar language. You can click where ever you want, it should work.
And maybe same feature for battery percent and network (wifi connection) percent.
I agree, there should have an option for this.

I think there should have an option to permanently lock pinned taskbar icons, so users cannot move them at all without changing the settings again, I would love this feature where I can define when I want to lock all pinned taskbar icons to its position where it's pinned or dragged, so when I next time try to drag locked pinned taskbar icons nothing happens because it's locked in settings.

This kind of feature would be so great.

I'm really hoping that this feature lands in Windows 7 also.

Sometimes this feature is not working, especially when using custom icons and large taskbar, I'm not sure why but it does not remove the gap between those icons, it works in small taskbar though.

I'm using 256x256 (Bit depth 32) icons.