Items in the taskbar locked in place, even when dragging something there.

Anonymous 11 years ago updated 5 years ago 4
I love that I can open image for editing just by dragging it in to taskbar on to paint.net
But the problem is that the paint.net icon is trying to dodge to the side, because default excepted behavior when dragging something there is probably to be pinned.

Can this behavior be turned off? No more dodging dragged items when moving around taskbar?


+1, I support this.

It would be great if there was a tweak to disable drag&drop pinning on the taskbar.

Also, a tweak for locking the current pinned items in their position would be :thumbsup:

+1 for this.

It's really annoying when you have multiple applications pinned, for example different image editor for different purpose (not everything needs the huge photoshop).

I'd like to add some more here.

By default, we can run application with administrator privileges by holding ctrl+shift while run a program from start menu or superbar. I'm wondering if it's possible to do the same with drag&drop as "open with administrator privileges"?

I hate it very much when I finished editing in a text editor, then have problem saving.

I know some editor have the ability to save with administrator privileges, but I'd like to have an universal solution :)

I agree, there should have an option for this.

I think there should have an option to permanently lock pinned taskbar icons, so users cannot move them at all without changing the settings again, I would love this feature where I can define when I want to lock all pinned taskbar icons to its position where it's pinned or dragged, so when I next time try to drag locked pinned taskbar icons nothing happens because it's locked in settings.

This kind of feature would be so great.