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I'm not sure what else I can put in a debug version. I already know that the CreateWindow function fails, which is rather strange since the call is quite simple and the function is very common. I wanted to reproduce it to be able to debug the process, as well as look at the environment at the moment of the error, such as what windows are open.

Perhaps you can take a clean system or virtual machine, and try installing the programs you have on your system until you're able to reproduce the problem. Then I'll be able to follow these steps by installing these programs, and to debug it locally.

I installed Razer Synapse 3, restarted the computer, and still couldn't reproduce the problem. See the recording below.

Well, basically, there are two issues here:

  1. The 208 error which happens either with or without AMM.
  2. The disappearing taskbar problem. In "With AMM", you showed the problem, then you closed both the tweaker and AMM (right?), and showed that the problem is gone. What if you close the tweaker but keep AMM running? Could it be just a AMM-related issue?

Regardless of whether 2 is an AMM issue or an AMM+tweaker incompatibility, fixing 1 might solve this as well. So if you can find how to reproduce the problem (maybe it's related to Avast or another program), perhaps we'll be able to understand what's going on.

There was a discussion about error 208 here:

Unfortunately, it didn't lead to useful insights.

If you know of a way to reproduce the problem, please let me know and I'll try to understand what's going on. Otherwise, it's quite difficult for me to help with this.

Also, I don't quite understand why you see this message when updating the graphics drivers or plugging a monitor. The message is an indication of an error in the initialization process, and initialization occurs if either the tweaker or explorer is restarted. I'm not sure about the graphics drivers update, but plugging a monitor shouldn't restart either of them.

I do not seem to have any Mouse Button Options

That's not shown in the image, that's the second tab.

In any case, please create a new topic and I'll try to help you.

You can follow the steps that are described here:

The fix was basically to adapt the tool the the changes of the new Windows version.

What kind of a project of yours are you talking about?

Please make sure that you're using the latest version of the tweaker, 5.10. If not, please update to the latest version.

You're right about pretty much everything you said. Here's one of the most recent discussions about false positive detections, and there were many of those.

Thanks for reporting it to Avast. There's no special Dev status I'm aware of - when I submit a false positive, I do that using the commonly available form, and the false detection is usually removed after a couple of days.

Your suggestion is similar to the following, please see my answer there (except for the system regional settings part):