Show minimized items in different style or color (such as grayed)

Anonymous 9 years ago updated by Stamimail 8 years ago 8

It would be nice if minimized items in the taskbar were visually distinct from others.  Grayed out, indented, etc.

Do you mean only minimized windows, or all windows that are not the Active Window?


I meant only minimized windows, but I could it being useful to have three different styles to cover active, non-active but not-minimized, and minimized.  Thanks.

Hi RaMMicHaeL,

Is it going to be by adding "skins" to 7TT?


No, that's what themes are for

I think we can do it by ourselves. But we need a Designer. Look at what I wrote here:


Here is a Package may be helpful in identifying and edit the buttons, what we need to design.
Image: http://snag.gy/kKID7.jpg
Download: http://www.ge.tt/5LR92uw/v/0?c

If anyone knows professionally edit these PNG files doing something cool, and share with us, we all thank him greatly.

BTW, Here is my Suggestions:

I tried again to design the required buttons. It's look OK but not enough. Amateurish.



We still need a graphic designer who knows how to design buttons...
You can simply add the feature to hide labels for the minimized items in a group. This would be a simple feature to add without dealing with the styles, buttons, themes etc. It'd only be useful for taskbar buttons where we show labels but that's better than nothing I think. Most of the time I choose to show labels for apps whose windows should be identified quickly (e.g explorer, browsers etc) and with those this feature would be great to not to misclick minimized ones which mostly you don't need temporarily.