Remove Gap between items (even more)

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Make it possible to minimise the gap between icons in the taskbar.

Or you can also provide a the given setting with 2 options: Less Gap and Least Gap.


Yes, I support this. The less space the better.


I'm using Quick Launch buttons to minimize gaps.

1. Saves space (There are very small icons).
2. It's there when paging (multipage taskbar).

The disadvantage is that it is not support Jump Lists.
So if we can get Jump Lists by RightClick (or Alt + RightClick) on Quick Launch button, It would be the best from my point of view.

Another solution to achieve the 2 advantages would be welcome...

Here is other solution. To edit the size of pinned items icons, so that if not active it is small and if active it would be in the regular size (regular button).

Rough Illustration:

And make it possible to minimise the gap between icons in the notification area too (to make it look like in WinXP).


I agree on minimize the gaps between notification area icons.

Also, it would be nice to have the WinXP style clock in notification area when having double height toolbar: Win7 show time in top row and date in bottow row while WinXP shows time in top row and name of day in bottom row.


I've found that fantastic application while trying to remove the gap of pinned items...  What a wonderful program.  Does exactly what I wanted.  I install it on every workstation I connect to at work.

I agree that even smaller gap would be even better.

And smaller gap in notification area icons would be very appreciated as well !

Thanks again.


Sometimes this feature is not working, especially when using custom icons and large taskbar, I'm not sure why but it does not remove the gap between those icons, it works in small taskbar though.

I'm using 256x256 (Bit depth 32) icons.


HI there :)

First of all, thanks for that freeware witch is very very useful.

Instead of that I just use it to " remove the extra gap " in pinned items, and i didn't find out how to do it with the regedit without using your soft :(

Search on google, I didn't find this.. without giving me the source, can you say to me if you use a " special function " like a shell or something like this in your program to do that ? or it s just a VERY hidden function if W7 ?



Please refer to the first question of the FAQ, it has the answer you're looking for :)
For all those who asked for a way to control the gap between notification area icons:
Thank you very much for tray_icons_padding. It's very helpful in making some space. I hope something like pinned_itmes_icons_padding will be seen in soon.
(Probably another checkbox in main window is going to be removed...)
I probably catch the rare bug related to option "Taskbar items / Pinned items / Remove extra gap between items" does not working on my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, but I remeber that at some older version(s) 7TT working properly. Now nothing is changed.
I would be possible I preffer more flexible option "pinned buttons padding" or "gap size in pixels".
Is possible that this option does not work after some update (.dll changed an a hijacking is not succesful now?)
Works correctly for me on Windows 7 x64:

Note that this option doesn't have effect on a vertical taskbar.

Is it because 7+ doesn't support it (hopefully just yet), or it can't be done period?

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Everything can be done. The question is, how much effort is required for it.

Currently, I don't plan to implement it, sorry.

Yes, I use vertical taskbar. (Customizable) Remvoe gap for verical should be very useful...

Can there be an option to keep the gap removed, even when the application is opened to save more taskbar space?

i agree with this it would be really nice if the gaps were preseved/maintained even after a pinned taskbar item is opened. Screenshot given below

Image 86

Image 87


I have vertical taskbar and i feel the distance between buttons may be painlessly reduced to ~50% of current.

This will save place for like 5 or more buttons, which is big improvement for me personally as I frequently have many windows opened.

Will there be a feature to make it on vertical taskbars?

I agree on having a customizable size; also, there seems to be a glitch where opening a program on the taskbar causes it to restore the gap, but just for the open programs; unopened programs do not have a gap.



I use 7tt all the time. One feature that I like is “remove extra spaces
between items”. Lately I have begun using my taskbar vertically on the
side of the monitor. When I do the space between items does not
change. Is it possible to add this feature? With the advent of more
ultra-wide screen monitors it will be more popular to use vertical

Regards….. Jerry

Hi, selecting remove extra space is not doing anything for me.

Windows 10 latest stable.

Perhaps you're using a vertical taskbar?

This option doesn't have effect on a vertical taskbar.


When you open a program, its item gets padded with extra space, even though the setting is enabled. Is it possible to stop this from happening? Ie. so that items always have the same gap/padding, regardless of whether they're open?

Currently, that's not possible. I might look at it one day, but it's not a priority.


Hi, I agree that the reduced spacing between pinned icons should not change when opening a program (Windows 10). In my case, if I open all the programs with pinned icons, it takes up the entire taskbar.

Please add the function to keep the space reduced even with open programs. Thank you!

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