Remember Grouping of items

Anonymous 4 months ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 4 months ago 1

This was requested in https://tweaker.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/99-group-id-memory but it was 11 years ago so I thought I would try again.

After a cleanup today I am left with only 27 Google Chrome windows and I use Taskbar Inspector to change the Application ID of some of them to new random Groups.  In my Chrome settings I have the "Continue where you left off" option set so when Chrome is restarted all my Chrome windows and tabs are restored.  But...I have to manually select and Group relevant child items every time.

I realise new Application IDs would be assigned on a restart but I was hoping there would be a way to remember the items that were regrouped and assign them a new random group ID on restart.

Chrome is just my specific case but I figure it would be useful for others who use Grouping as well.

You see in my answer in the topic you linked why it's challenging and cannot be perfect, unless it's implemented with the help of a Chrome extension, in which case it will a Chrome-specific solution.