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When you shut down your PC, you get a message box that says "Could not load library"?!
That's unexpected.

What version of the tweaker do you have?
Versions 4.2 and up show an error identifier next to the error message. I'd like to know what identifier does the message show.

Making the dialog support scaling is not difficult - just one function call.

The issue is (quoting microsoft.com):

While TrueType fonts scale well, they do not scale linearly. That is, increasing the DPI by 10 percent does not generally increase a string's length by exactly 10 percent. The cumulative effect, especially in longer strings, might cause text in different resolutions to be relatively shorter or to be clipped or to wrap unexpectedly.

This is especially relevant to the tweaker because of the nature of the dialog - lots of checkboxes and tight spacing.

Look at the screenshot:


As you can see, many texts are clipped.

While it could be fixed in English by extending the controls to the maximum available width, it's not true for all languages. e.g.:


It might be solvable by adjusting the dialog dynamically, but that requires some work.

Also, as the dialog is used mostly for a one-time configuration, the issue is not critical.

(Taskbar Inspector supports scaling as it runs from the context of explorer)

I'm changing it to "idea" as this is not a bug.

Surely not a bug.

The list box is a standard Windows control, and I'm not sure that's possible, except for the space on the right, which I think would look ugly.

Currently you can use ctrl/shift for multiple selection, and Ctrl+A for selecting all (I think you suggested that). Those quite do the job.

Update (April 2022): Check out the Taskbar Clock Customization mod for Windhawk:


Original answer:

Hi Florian,

More customization of the taskbar clock is currently not planned for the tweaker, but keep in mind that you can also customize it using your system regional settings.


The only drawback is that this change is global, i.e. every application that shows a time/date will use this format.

Edit: there's also T-Clock Redux, last updated in 2018. Haven't used it myself.

For a permanent grouping, you might want to try using win7appid:


It allows you to assign Application IDs to shortcuts, so if you assign multiple shortcuts the same AppID, they will group.

> decrease clock area width on taskbar so it'll match the clock size
Available in v4.2.1 as a registry option. See help, Advanced -> OptionsEx section for more details.

In fact, despite of me bashing the classic theme, in this situation the "modern" theme is the buggy one :)

In v4.2, I didn't adjust the clock width to the new time text width, and it worked on the modern theme only because it calculated the width based on both the date and the time.

Look at the following long date:

Now, if you use small icons, the width would stay the same, even if there's no date anymore:

I fixed this bug in v4.2.1, too.

I'll look at it, although, to be honest, classic theme compatibility is not a priority.

This is not the only issue with the classic theme on recent Windows OSes.

Microsoft surely puts less effort in the classic theme than it puts in the default theme, and I don't see any reason to keep using it.

If your reason is performance, here's a nice article I've stumbled upon recently:

"Adjust visual effects for best performance" should really be called "Adjust visual effects for crappiest appearance"


There's a registry option to disable jump lists that appear by dragging.

Set the following DWORD value to 1:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7 Taskbar Tweaker\OptionsEx

Update: v4.2 has a checkbox for disabling jump lists that appear by dragging.