Combine/Decombine by Ctrl/Shift/Alt + Mouse Click

Stamimail 9 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

Now Combine/Decombine is done automatically and only about one group.

My request is to bring it to user selection.
The user could choose for each group to Combine/Decombine by choice.

I think it can be done by adding a(n important) feature to Advanced Options.

Currently my Windows settings for Taskbar are:
1. Show Labels (inside taskbar buttons): Always
2. Combine: Never

We can add an action to Mouse Button Control > taskbaritem that will simulate the following:

Analyze the current state of the Group and do:

1. Taskbar Inspector > Rclick on Root of the Group > Show Labels > Never
2. Taskbar Inspector > Rclick on Root of the Group > Combine > Always

or do the opposite, as what is needed.

I think It would be a very useful feature.