Suggestion: Advanced option to use Process Explorer instead of Task Manager

menace97 6 months ago • updated by RaMMicHaeL 4 months ago 8

After years of using Sysinternals Process Explorer instead of the default Task Manager in Windows, it would be very helpful to add a custom command to choose an alternate program within 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

The option where this comes into play is "Double click on empty space" where I used to often set this to "Task Manager".

Thanks for taking this suggestion under consideration... much appreciated as always! :)

thanks very much RaMMicHaeL! i will give those instruction a shot. much appreciated :)

^ this was me responding... forgot to login *blushes*. thanks again!

Back again RaMMicHaeL,

I have tried to implement this using your example, but I have stumbled to do this - I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have added an entry in the Advanced Options in the Mouse Button Control section, using:

  • Name: ctrl+shift+lclick
  • Data: 1000

For some reason, when I go to edit the registry in regedit, I see an entry is created under Mouse Button Control key, but is a DWORD value. When I go down to the Strings key, I don't see an entry there.

Do I need to create a new String value in the Strings key to match the above Name/Data?

Once that value is created I was then going to substitute the '1000' with the location of 'Process Explorer' as a portable application. e.g.:

Thanks for any insight into finishing up this endeavor to launch Process Explorer through 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, I really appreciate the help! :)

Did you do the following step?

  • Hold Ctrl and left-click the taskbar (or use the click that you have set). If it was done correctly, Notepad will be launched.

Was Notepad launched?

I did go back and yes, Notepad successfully launched.

I did go back and yes, Notepad successfully launched. :)

So I then replaced Notepad.exe with the location of the 64-bit Process Explorer:


and that worked perfectly by holding Ctrl and left-clicking  the taskbar!

If I were to set 'Double click on empty space' in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker = Nothing (default)

and change the entry you had me create from:

emptyspace|ctrl+lclick   to   emptyspace|ldblclick

that should work as the replacement for opening Process Explorer instead of Task Manager?

So adding a Mouse Button Control advanced option would override the 'double click on empty space = Nothing' in the main interface? This shouldn't cause any conflicts?

Thanks RaMMicHaeL! Much appreciated. :)


I'm glad that it works now.

You can use emptyspace|ldblclick, it shouldn't cause conflicts.