Custom date format

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by maxoku 1 year ago 4

Hi, thanks for adding the seconds to clock.

This triggers a long lasting question: I used TClockEx for a long time to display the week number next to the clock. Unfortunately TClockEx is not being updated anymore, especially not for Windows 7.

Could YOU add this functionality to your tool (like you added displaying the seconds)? The functionality including the possible settings as realized by TClockEx would be perfect (for me).

Thanks for considering. Florian

Hi Florian,

More customization of the taskbar clock is currently not planned for the tweaker, but keep in mind that you can also customize it using your system regional settings.


The only drawback is that this change is global, i.e. every application that shows a time/date will use this format.

Edit: there's also T-Clock Redux, last updated in 2018. Haven't used it myself.


For the thread startet: T-Clock is available for Windows 7/8 as 32 and 64 bit build. It's not 100% stable but works well enough for normal use. See this website. The download is a few pages before the last page.


That would be great. So you can have small icons and "mm:hh D/M" eg. "13:26 6/8" where the clock is. And "13:26:55 6/8" with seconds enabled :-)

It would be really nice to have that function. Changing it globally or using T-Clock isn't any solution. It might break taskbar and I couldn't even set a proper font for it. Maybe its problem is that it's too complex and replaces the clock instead of modifying it.

We need a simple solution that will only modify the format of the taskbar clock that won't affect anything else.

In short to decide what in which format and in how many lines will be displayed using the system clock.