Decombine group on double-click

tPenguinLTG 11 年 前 已更新 1 年 前 1

There are options to decombine a group when it is active and when it's hovered over, but I'd like to see an option to decombine on double-click.

The group should recombine when the cursor is no longer on the group or taskbar (whichever one is better), or when one of the buttons in the group is clicked.

I absolutely agree. That's a must have feature. Both "Decombine actice" and "Decombine on hover" cause annoying movement on taskbar. Decombining should happen when I want it to.
Personally, I would prefer to have "Toggle combine/decombine" option for taskbaritem in Mouse Button Control, so that I can set Ctrl+Left Click to combine/decombine clicked group.

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