Left click on combined items open list

Anonymous 11 years ago updated 10 years ago 5

There should be an option to set "Left click on combined items" to "open list". The only way to do this is to set "Left click on combined items" to "Show thumbnail preview (Default)" and set "hovering" to list", or disable aero. I  want to be able  to do this with out disabling aero or setting "Left click on combined items" to "Show thumbnail preview (Default)".

What's wrong with setting "hovering" to "list"?

If you want hovering to show thumbnails, but clicking to show a list - I've tried such a variant, it's confusing and makes the taskbar difficult to use.


It will be nice at least for me If,  you make this feature optional?

Here's a test build which does what you requested:

You might want to try it out, and see how inconvenient it is (in my opinion, at least).

I don't know how it works in Linux, but here, it's either you click early and get the list, or you don't click early enough and have the thumbnails shown.
I'd like to see always list on left click on combined item and tooltip on hovering. It works like this in Windows 7 but in Windows 8.1 it doesn't. The closest I get is by selecting list in hovering and open thumbnail preview in left click on combined item, which shows list on both (which is a bit confusing since open thumbnail preview is selected in left click on combined item). So what is needed is the list option for left click on combined item, is that possible?
I forgot to mention that it works in Windows 7 classic theme like I want, but there's no classic theme in Windows 8.1 so that's why the list option would mbe needed for left click on combined item.