7 + Taskbar Tweaker gives an error message after updating Windows 10 to the new 2004 version

JimP 4 years ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 4 years ago 12

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I restored to the previous version of Windows. Uninstalled 7+Taskbar Tweaker, then reupgraded to 2004. No error message. Reinstalled 7+Taskbar Tweaker and got the same error message at the end of the install before running 7+.



Windows 10 Version 2004 support was added in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.9.


Does not seem to work for the Windows 2004 version, at least not for the parts I used: removing taskbar gaps and taskbar reordering.

I installed the beta version, even though it does not mention compatibility. But apparently I am not even allowed without donating. (I think I have donated somewhere in the past.)

I hope you will upgrade for 2004.


Same problem, even the beta version does not work with the Windows 2004 update.


same problem ;(


Same, 2004 isn't a insider build.


Windows 10 Version 2004 (Released May 27) Support Status

  • Latest release version, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.8, October 21:
    Latest supported version is Windows 10 version 1909.
    Windows 10 version 2004 is not supported.
    A new version compatible with Windows 10 version 2004 is being worked on.
  • Latest beta version, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.8.0.4, April 24:
    Windows 10 version 2004 is partially supported, most options work.
    An access code is needed to activate the insider build support. See this blog post for more details. Click here to get an access code.

Not working with Windows 10 version 2004...Taskbar Tweeker v5.8.0.7(yes I donated and received passcode)...I have uninstalled and reinstalled and right button drag to rearrange tabs in taskbar does nothing...Any help appreciated..thanks.

Please send me an email, I'll try to help you.


Windows 10 Version 2004 support was added in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.9.

Could not load library (1004) with version 5.9 on W10 2004.

Uninstalled the old 7+ version, deleted its folder, I installed version 5.9 in its default folder (app data\roaming\), it starts with "Could not load library (1004)".

This is a W10 updated to 2004 on 25th of July 2020, I installed 7+ v5.9 on 26th.

(why I believe 7+ 5.9 doesn't run on my particular W10 2004? Because MS had tons of bugs in W10 2004, stopped the deployment of the update, fixed some bugs, deployed that new version, fixed other bugs, deployed yet another version, and so on. And all versions are called 2004 but they can't be the same. Maybe explorer.exe and the DLLs you hack aren't the same ones as in the 1st deployment of W10 2004, maybe you built 7+ against some versions and now they deploy other versions)

Windows 10 Version 2004 with latest updates should be supported by 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.9. Perhaps you're using an insider version of Windows 10?

Can you please specify the version of your explorer.exe file? The latest version should be 10.0.19041.388.

My explorer version is 10.0.19041.421.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.9

Still problem with loading library....