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Good catch, thanks! Should be fixed in v5.3.0.6 beta.

In my tests, the click doesn't work on a secondary taskbar. You can identify whether a taskbar is secondary or not by looking for a notification area - if there is one, it's the main taskbar. Otherwise, if it only has a clock, it's a secondary taskbar.

For the case of one monitor, it should work. Make sure that the taskbar is locked.

Note that even though a single click doesn't work on a secondary taskbar, a double click works. A single click doesn't work due to the way the taskbar is designed. I might look at implementing a workaround in the future.

Actually, it was simpler than I was afraid it would be. Should be fixed in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.3.0.5 beta, please try it.

Implemented in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.3.0.5 beta, please try it out.

It's not a bug. Currently, "The notification area" only refers to the notification area on the main monitor.

I can see that it makes sense to use the secondary clock, too, even though it's not strictly a "notification area".

I'll look at it at my spare time.

I could reproduce the issue. Unfortunately, the combining option implementation is rather complex, so there's no simple fix. I'll look at it one day, but it's not a priority.

I've checked it. What happens is that StartIsBack++ completely re-implements the function that is responsible for drawing the taskbar buttons, CTaskBtnGroup::Render. Therefore, the changes that the tweaker does don't apply.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker can't do much about it. A possible solution would be for StartIsBack++ to provide an option for the users to keep using the original rendering functions (and maybe limiting the functionality as a result).

Are you using an insider build? Note that insider Windows 10 builds are not supported by 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

taskbar tweak set to show labels always

What do you mean by that? Did you set it to always show labels for explorer, in Taskbar Inspector?

In general, if you could provide screenshots, or even a video that demonstrates the issue, it will help.

It can be done with v5.3.0.4, please check it out.​​