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Thanks, but nahhh, it's not worth the bother to do the hacking just for my benefit. The original issue was for the convenience of spotting the tray icon faster; this issue is just one of consistency -- it doesn't really affect my convenience at all. So, unless your OCD is particularly active today, there's no need to work on it for my benefit.
Ok, this isn't super important, but yesterday I noticed that when 7tt has an icon in the taskbar (like when the big preferences window is open, or when displayed in sysinternals process explorer, it still shows the white icon (in the taskbar, or procexp's display -- it's my custom icon in the tray still). I guess when you pick up the icon from the install directory, you don't change that particular resource?
Ok, I finally got around to downloading the latest version - 4.5.8. And, it indeed appears to be fixed. Thanks!

BTW, re the emails that announce replies in the forum, today the sig struck me: "The Tweaker Team." You might want to lengthen that to "The Taskbar Tweaker Team." ...Because in US slang, "tweaker" means a methamphetamine addict. Of course, then again, I don't really know about your personal habits.
Thanks, but I don't need to think about setting additional options, or remembering to do arbitrary things when there is a perfectly good icon right in front of my face that I can use.  Maybe if I was doing this 100 times a day it would be worth it.  I only need to do it once or 2 times a day.
Ok, I will download it and check -- thanks!.  It may be several days because I have too much going on at the moment.
Ok, that seems to have fixed it.  Thanks!!

However, there is now a new (or maybe unnoticed by me before) small bug.  It doesn't bother me, but just so you know, if the inspector (see, now I know!) has a scroll bar, and it has been scrolled all the way to the bottom, then dragging a window item that is visible and will remain visible (for example by one notch) causes the scroll bar to scroll up unnecessarily, seemingly by one notch.
Sorry, my program of language study has not yet progressed to learning all 7tt terminology!
Yes, it has a vertical scrollbar (if not all items fit into the selection pane).  Recall that you modified 7tt when I complained that the selection window would close as soon as my mouse left the taskbar, due to my having 'focus follows mouse' turned on.

Note that I just created many firefox windows, since my actual ones have some personal info in the titles.  But, those are all in fact separate firefox windows.
Ok, I think I have a little more info.  I have an app that is constantly refreshiing the taskbar text.   If I close that app, the problem disappears.  If I reopen it, the problem recurs... but not always.  Maybe there is some timing issue of when 7tt opened its window relative to exactly when the app was updating its taskbar text?  (The app is an old version of winamp.)
BTW, Misha, I noticed that you have an improved version of resourcehacker on your blog.  Is there any reason you earlier pointed to the original resourcehacker as opposed to your presumably improved version?