Please try the newly released beta version, v5.14.1.4, and let me know whether it works. It can be downloaded here. If all is well, I'll release a non-beta version with the fix in a couple of days.

Then it sounds like an issue with the app. Perhaps it destroys its window on logout, and creates a new one on logon, so it's created at the end.

And you're welcome :)

Hi, does it only move while 7+ Taskbar Tweaker is running?

Sorry, but I don't speak Chinese. Use English and attach screenshots or video recordings to clarify what you mean.

Is 7+ Taskbar Tweaker still running? Could it be that it's killed, maybe by an antivirus?

The reason for the incompatibility is that both 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and StartIsBack hook the same function, and one of the hooks takes over the other. I tried to revert the relevant portion of the changes from v5.11.3, please try beta v5.14.1.2 which I just released and let me know whether it solves the incompatibility.