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Why do you think it's a 7TT issue, and not something else?

You mean this, right?

Not much, it's more about making Firefox more responsive, by e.g. removing unnecessary addons, keeping less tabs open, etc.

I'm familiar with this behavior.

A taskbar button moves to the end of the taskbar when it's window hangs for a coupe of seconds or more. It happens mainly with Firefox as it's interface is not very responsive at times.

I'm pretty sure it happens without the tweaker as well, so I'm marking it as not-a-bug.

Right click where?
What is "right-click-button" on keyboard?

This was intended.

If I'd use radio buttons, I'd have to add a third one witch says something like "Off (default)", which doesn't add much value, IMO.

Also, I might add another option here in the future, e.g. the start button. Then, you could choose both the notification area and the start button, but when you choose the whole taskbar, the other two gets unchecked. This won't work with radio buttons.

In general, the update uses the same parameter you've set when first installing the tweaker. You probably chose to put a link on the desktop, and then removed it manually.

This preference is saved in the following branch in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7 Taskbar Tweaker

In the DWORD value:


Yours is probably set to 1, you can change it to 0 to avoid the shortcut creation.

It might be worth to check whether the shortcut was deleted manually, and avoid creating it in this case. I'll consider it for future versions.

Not a bug, changed to idea. See comments.

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