can't open advanced options even if right clicking

twin55 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

with the 5.0 version or new version, can't open the advanced options for this program. I have windows 10 please advise as I want to use the taskbar make bigger buttons feature which is only in this programs advanced options.

Under review

You can access the advanced options by either right clicking the tweaker's tray icon, or by right clicking the tweaker main window's title bar. Did you try both? What do you see instead of a menu with the "Advanced Options" item?

Thank you so very much, I was able to access by right clicking the main window title bar.  I was not able  to by the tray icon, but now I was able to set my task bar icons to bigger size which is really what I was after.  I appreciate your help very much.  Thanks again.

I must ask is there any way to make it save that setting? I got it set with the bigger icons on bar, which I love.  But I notice it keeps flipping back to smaller ones, not just when I restart but even while I am doing other things.  Please tell me how to save my settings on this? thanks