Mouse wheel volume control for a specific application instead of global

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For example I want to use the mousewheel while over the
taskbar to change the volume of Windows Media Player. I don't know
exactly how difficult this would be but since it seems your existing
function already hooks into the Windows Volume Mixer, just for the
global sound rather than an individual program's volume, it doesn't
seem an unreasonable suggestion to me I think.
I think this would be superb, especially if combined with the customized mouse button controls. Shift + Wheel could control program's volume, and Shift + Middle could mute/unmute. This is actually so intuitive, one wonders why the folks as Redmond didn't come up with it when they rolled out per-app volume in Vista.

A fair compromise (if it's easier to develop) might be to control the active app when used over the taskbar, and the system volume when used over the tray.
From my understanding, something similar is possible by hotkeys software. Check whether "HotkeyP" please you. See "Send keys to window" and similar commands in HotkeyP Help File.

I know I'm digging up an old thread, but I didn't want to create a new one for the same thing. Any chance this could be implemented?

Yes pleeaasee this feature would be awesome!

I really love the mouse wheel functionality... would love to enhance it with control specific application volume by mouse wheel over thumbnail (since I use mouse wheel over taskbar icon for minimize/restore).

@RaMMicHaeL, Adding "Send keys to window" feature to 7+TT?

Sure you write this in the right thread?

(sry if you did, it's just... I don't recognize any relation ^^) 

See above

Assuming some Player (application) is using Ctrl+WheelUp and Ctrl+WheelDown to set its volume.

You will set 7+TT that whenever you WheelUp on a thumbnail, it will send a Ctrl+WheelUp message to app, and whenever you WheelDown on a thumbnail, it will send a Ctrl+WheelDown message to app.

You are right, it will require to specify the app, because you don't want those messages to be sent in other apps thumbnails.

I don't know if thumbnails are supported yet in Advanced Options of 7+TT.

But it if does, I think your request may be possible (with efforts) by a combination of 7+TT with hotkeyP by using this: