Search thru open taskbar programs/icons

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Hi there,

is there any way to search thru the open icons/items in the taskbar? 

I am one of those keeping tons of programs open (at least 4-5 lines in the taskbar, set to auto-hide), so it is sometimes hard to find out if any program is already open. 

My idea would be some option (click at a specific place of the taskbar, e.g. the 7TT icon right.click menu, or have it assigned to a hotkey) and have a search option. The result then is presented in a list which, which, when an item is clicked, directly restores the window of that program.

Thanks for considering :-)

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PS: Don't anybody tell me to have less programs open - that isn't the solution I want to hear ;-)

There are other programs that provide such functionality. One is Switcheroo (I haven't used it myself).



thanks for the quick response :-)

My idea was to have to run as few tools as possible, i.e.  have all functionality related to a certain Windows item or topic in one tool.

Nevertheless, Switcheroo does the trick (for me)!

Just in case anybody else has a look here and wants to know:

When pressing the hotkey (ALT-SPACE), it shows a list of open windows, and when typing any keyword, it reduces the list to all potential matches, Selecting an entry and hitting ENTER or ALT restores that window. It is available as portable version as well, which is good for school or corporate computers. The tool is handy for all "keyboard-freaks" (= programmers, maybe) - no need to grapple for the mouse, just hit a few keys.

Thanks again !