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Taskbar Tweaker causes Win10 explorer to freeze up while active

Hyoumaru hace 8 meses • actualizado por RaMMicHaeL hace 7 meses 5

I recently had to buy a Win10 installed laptop after my Win7 laptop was rendered unusable. I installed 7+ Taskbar Tweaker on it in the name of restoring comfort and convenience, but noticed that many times Win10 softlocked and became unusable until I restarted. After going down a checklist of programs, I've discovered 7+ Taskbar Tweaker is the culprit, and uninstalling it rectifed the freezing problem. I do still want the functionality and convenience Taskbar Tweaker offers however, and any advice on how to use it properly would be deeply appreciated.

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It's difficult for me to help with the amount of details that you provided. I will need more information to be able to understand what's the problem.

If you can find a way to reproduce the "sotflock", please provide the steps. e.g. if you notice that it happens when you do specific actions.

Another thing that you can do is try to find out whether the issue is caused by a specific option of the tweaker. Try using the tweaker with all of the options turned off, and see if you still get the issue. If not, try turning the options on one by one to find out which option causes the trouble.

Yet another thing that might be happening is incompatibility with another app. A conflicting app can be another system customization tool, such as a custom start menu.

Also note that you're the only user to report such an issue, so I'm inclined to think that there's something unusual with your system, regardless of whether the issue is actually caused by 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Hello again

I've been trying to further ready my new computer for use. I've noticed Taskbar tweaker, which I am using in conjunction with Open Shell, is causing a new issue, the most notable one is the taskbar itself is now overlapping the start system icon that Open Shell installs. When I use the task manager to close Taskbar Tweaker, things seem to clear up.

I've only had one instance of an explorer freezeup between now and the last time I wrote in about it, but it did happen.

Are there any recorded instances of Taskbar Tweaker creating conflicts with Classic Shell or Open Shell in the past?

Have you tried finding which option causes the problem?

Are there any recorded instances of Taskbar Tweaker creating conflicts with Classic Shell or Open Shell in the past?

No, not that I'm aware of.

Hi, I am in same issue. After 1809 update, Explorer crashes whenever I change taskbar order. I don't have a lot of experience with it as the only feature I use is "Virtual_Desktop_Order_Fix". With beta version and activate with code, it will crash my Explorer if I change Task Bar button order by dragging it.

The virtual_desktop_order_fix advanced option is not supported in version, due to changes that occurred since insider build 17713 (which was designed for).

I plan to fix it, as well as the other limitations (known so far: some thumbnail-related options and combining options). For now, please disable this advanced option.