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Here we go again!

BirderBob 3 months ago • updated 2 months ago 7

Win 10 Pro updated last night and now the "could not load library (5) is back. Please let me know when it's fixed if possible. Thanks for all you do. Regards. Bob

Under review

Which version are you using? The tweaker supports the latest version, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Note that insider builds are not supported by the tweaker.

I'm using the same version, and it works for me.

Can you go to C:\Windows, right click on explorer.exe, choose Properties -> Details, and post the file version?

That's what I have on my computer as well, and it works. The only thing I can think of is perhaps that you enabled compatibility options for the tweaker - this can cause issues. If that's not the case, maybe some intrusive program such as an antivirus conflicts with the tweaker.
Does explorer restart when you get the error? If so, it crashes - can you provide a crash report?


How do I find event logs when a program crashes?

Just updated to version 1607 OS Build 14393.2007) and Taskbar Tweaker has stopped working. "Could not load library (1003)"

Any ideas

nm, I looked in the logs an antivirius is blocking it. I'll resolve that another way.