Bug: blue screen of death

Anonymous 5 months ago • updated 3 weeks ago 5

I'm getting intermittent blue screen errors when using 7+Taskbar Tweaker. I was hoping 7+tt wasn't the culprit but I recently got a BSOD immediately after installing it (after having no problems for in the intervening weeks when 7+tt wasn't installed.

I'm running Windows 7, unfortunately it's on my work computer so I can't disable other programs (e.g. antivirus) to see if there is a conflict somewhere. Other running programs include antivirus (it's some managed thing, I can't tell which brand but possible Trend Micro), HP Client Security, HP Touchpoint Manager (some stuff from HP stuff that comes on their business laptops), TeamViewer, Intel Management and Security Status, and a few others.

Thanks for your work!

I don't really know how to help you with the issue. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker shouldn't even be able to cause a blue screen of death - it doesn't use a driver or a service, and doesn't touch other processes except explorer.exe, which is by itself not a system process - it can be terminated without causing system instability.

I am having the samme problem.

Getting BSOD after installing 7TT. The problem started occurring after I began using the fall update for Windows 10. I have confirmed the problem on 2 computers. 

The issue here is that the BSOD doesn't stop after uninstalling 7TT =(

The issue here is that the BSOD doesn't stop after uninstalling 7TT =(

In such case, I doubt that it has anything to do with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

I had forgotten to log in when I posted the comment, I was the anonymous poster 6 days ago :)  

I understand what you are saying, that 7+TT shouldn't be able to be the cause as it does not change any system essential files.  

I do however find it odd, as I have had the problem occur several times now.  

Yesterday I tested it again, I had completely reset my laptop. I installed and used a few essential applications (for me the apps are essential ;-) ).

I installed and used for several days without any problems:
- Google Chrome

- Vivaldi (Browser)

- Typora (Markdown editor)

- Notion (Webapp Wrapper - "notes, blogging, wiki"-like office app)

- Notepad++

- CopyQ (Clipboard Manager)

- ShareX (Screenshot tool)

- Process Hacker 2 (Advanced Process/Task-Manager)

- Listary (App for quickly finding files)

- Discord

I used my laptop again for several days without any problems (like before, I was using the latest Fall Update for Windows 10), I made a system restore point, and decided to test out 7+TT again. About 10minutes after installing 7+TT, I got a BSOD.

I just wanted to follow up, as the original (Dec 5) bug poster. I uninstalled 7+tt last week and haven't had any problems since, after fairly consistent blue-screen crashes 1-3x per week. I'll be upgrading to windows 10 soon so we'll see if that fixes anything.