Auto Display USB Drives and Removable Disk types in Explorer

Paul 8 months ago 0

In Win7, add an option that when a removable disk type is attached to the system, automatically display the drive in Explorer and suppress/close the default windows AutoPlay popup.

This is not meant to auto run anything from the Removable Media, just display the directory contents from the root in Explorer without having to interact with the AutoPlay dialog. Win7 does not support any automatically-do-anything within AutoPlay for Removable Media, which was done to prevent autorunning of malicious code and viruses on a device, but automatically displaying directory contents in Windows Explorer, the only forced prompt the official Win7 dialog allows, does not autorun any files from the media and doesn't create additional virus risks. 

Please overlook whether this is strictly a taskbar responsibility or not, it would be a great convenience feature with the few API handlers for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker to be notified by the system when removable media is attached, and handle the event. Thanks!