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task bar buttons move after "swtiching user"

JonathanP 7 months ago • updated by RaMMicHaeL 7 months ago 8

Can somebody comment on what happens to task bar buttons when coming back after "Swtich User"?  Mine move, in somewhat random ways.  It would be great if they stayed in the same place I left them.

Under review

Why is it marked as a bug? Is it caused by 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, i.e. do you only see the issue when the tweaker is running?

Thanks for your attention to my comment.

I tried the following:

  1. exit 7+ Taskbar Tweaker
  2. Switch User
  3. log back in

task bar buttons are in the same order, at least within the same
application.  in my case, I have about 20 Firefox windows open.  I use
the Firetitle extension to name each window and then I alphabetize the
taskbar buttons.  They stayed in that order when 7_ was NOT running, but
not when it was running (though they don't always reorder that much).

I love your program.  I wouldn't consider using Windows 10 without it! 
This is a relatively minor issue, though I have recently started
"switching users" when I leave my PC (for privacy), so it is becoming a
bigger issue.

A couple of questions:

  • How is the "switch user" step done? Where do you choose that option? Do I actually need more than one user to reproduce the issue? Does clicking "Win+L" and logging back in causes reordering, too?
  • If you reset all of the tweaker's options to their default, does the reordering still happen?
  • Is the issue specific to Firefox?
  • Does the reordering happen only within button groups (e.g. shuffling the Firefox window), or between button groups too (e.g. shuffling the Firefox, Notepad, and Word)?

To switch user, I go to the Start menu and choose it from the various Shutdown options.  I have three users defined on my machine.  I don't know if "switch user" is available if there is only one user.

I tried Win+L once and it did NOT rearrange the buttons!

The issue is not specific to Firefox, at least in terms of buttons from different groups changing at least group position.  I noticed that buttons within Chrome stay in the same order.

Thanks for looking at this issue.

It seems like I need to create another user to see the "switch user" option.

Probably last question before I try to reproduce the issue: do you actually need to change a user to see the rearrangement? I mean, if you choose "switch user", and then choose the same user, does it still re-arrange?

I tried to reproduce the issue, but didn't succeed. A video of my attempt can be found here.

Also, you didn't answer my second bullet.

Again, thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

When I went to your link, I just saw a screenshot, not a video, but that didn't matter.  I made my settings match yours (I presume the default) and the bug did NOT manifest itself.  Here is a list of the differences between the settings shown there and the ones I used (which DO manifest the bug):

y drag to reorder

n group by App ID
y don't group
y when not grouping..
y don't group pinned items

n use taskbar default settings
y don't combine grouped buttons

y cycle between taskbar buttons

y display seconds on the tray clock
y reserve empty space on taskbar

Here's a new video in another format, now with your settings:


Still, I could not reproduce the issue.