A bug related to virtual desktop

Brad 12 months ago • updated by RaMMicHaeL 5 months ago 6

Hi, there is a bug I thought on my Win 10 computer (version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393).

Software version: v5.2.1.4
Bug 1. When I open Chrome, already opennded in the main desktop, pinned to taskbar in virtual desktop, it will leave with two chrome icon, one is the pinned chrome, and another is the openned chrome (normally there should be only one chrome icon), which won't happen if 7+ taskbar tweaker is closed.

Bug 2. If I move the pinned chrome, for example, from the first position (#1) to the second position (#2) on the taskbar in the virtual desktop, the chrome icon in the main desktop will move to the last position instead of the second position (normally chrome icon should also move from #1 to #2 in the main desktop), which acts normally if 7+ taskbar tweaker is closed.

Please don't be hesitate to contact me if more information is needed.


Under review

Can you please check, do the issues happen if no options are set in the tweaker? If that's the case, can you find out which option causes the issues?


Got it.

If all options are set to default, acting normal.

After I check one by one, it is the "grouping" function. When I set it from "group by application ID" to "don't group" , no matter whether the three sub-checkboxes are checked or not, this bug happened.

Bug 1: I could reproduce this. What happens is that all of the virtual desktops share common data, and that makes things tricky for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. The decision of whether to group a newly created button depends of whether the existing button is only a pinned item, or contains a button. In your case there are two virtual desktops, and while the existing item doesn't contain buttons in the current virtual desktop, it does contain a button in general. That's why the grouping doesn't take place.

I might look at it one day, but currently it's not a priority.

Bug 2: I could not reproduce the issue. Can you provide exact reproduction steps? A video demonstration can help, too.

Bug 1: Should this be the bug of Chrome?

Bug 2: The following jpg is the steps I used. The pinned icon moves nonsimultaneously in two virtual desktops. Actually, this phenomenon can only be observed for chrome icon. I am wonderring this one could also be bug for chrome....


I could reproduce both issues with Notepad, too, so they are not specific to Chrome. The second issues has a similar cause: because of the ungrouping, the chrome icon on each virtual desktop belongs to a different group, and thus the ordering is not preserved.

To solve these issues, the ungrouping option has to be reworked to adjust multiple virtual desktops. I'll try to look at it once I have some spare time.