Add option to minimize current window if left-clicked on the current active group

Delmor_S 5 years ago updated 6 months ago 1

There are 3 different options of left-clicking upon current active group: show previews, switch windows in cycle or open last window if group is not active.

I would suggest you to add additional option to hide/minimize current active window, when left-clicking its current active group. I think it is very comfortable when you can minimize window by clicking it on the taskbar, without moving your mouse to the top right corner of the window. It is also comfortable, when you want to quickly see some information in maximized window and then hide it in order to switch to other window. Please, consider such an option.

Thank you!

I would like to have such an option as well. When there is one instance of a program that I frequently open and minimize, but there are other windows of that program that are currently not needed, this makes the main instance behave like a single item. You could still switch to the others using the thumbnail preview.