Run as administrator from Win+R by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter

Evgeny Vrublevsky 6 years ago • updated by Long Nguyễn Xuân 11 months ago 8
Many users like the classic Win+R for running command-line programs, but it lacks the ability to run programs with administrative privileges by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter. This dialog is created by the explorer.exe and the 7TT can change this behaviour.

I use the Windows button in these cases, I type the command, then I press ctrl enter.

How do you do that? 
I've tried but can't get it opened in administrative mode.

It works nice! Thanks very much!

This sounds like it would be a better job for Classic Shell.

Dec 3rd, 2017 - Classic Shell is no longer actively developed . 

Though it has some cool feature, but you don't need to buy a cow for only 1 sausace

It has great functions, but you don't need it for this purpose.


Turns out that it was implemented in one of the Windows 10 updates. See the following blog post, search for "run":