multi-monitor features - drag between monitors, pinning and tray icons on secondary monitors

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Great program, and heres a few multi-monitor suggestions.

It would be nice if i could drag a window to another monitor, by dragging its taskbar icon over to the other taskbar (w8/8.1). And possibly allowing icons to be pinned to secondary taskbars (via dragged from the primary)

Also if theres a way to add the notification area to other taskbars, I would love to have it included. (dedicated topic here)

it would be great to have only the programs opened on the second monitor in the taskbar on the second monitor i. e. when i have my browser opened on the secnd monitor, the browser entry in taskbar shows only on the second monitor
Under review
I believe that it's possible to achieve this with taskbar properties if you're using Windows 8 or above.

Hi Michael,

I wanted to add some context to why I would love this feature.  I am often physically moving my laptop between desks which have a varying number of monitors.  I'm loathe to shutdown between moves as I typically have many things open.  

When connecting to a different monitor setup Windows 10 seems to often disperse windows and their associated taskbar icons across the monitors randomly.  I can live with that, and moving windows for single-instance applications such as Adobe Reader between monitors either by dragging or Windows hotkeys is fine.  But when it comes to browser windows or emails of which I may have a dozen or more, this becomes laborious.  Being able to drag the "Group" would be awesome!

These three features. Each of them would be brilliant.