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Is it possible to center the superbar icon's on the taskbar? That instead of growing from left to right; it grows from the center both ways with every icon pinned. (Have them centered in the middle and every time one pins another program on it, it recenters them.)

I'm not sure if this is doable; but I would love to use this feature. Especially with windows 8 and the hot corners with the mouse. 

Thanks in advance!

anonymous dutch guy.


I second this, especially on wide monitors it's easier to look down at the center instead of down and to the left. My neck could use the balanced work out.


Aye, this would be an awesome feature.

Yeah I agree, centering is more natural to our brain. But it seems that interest in this feature is not high enough, at least for now :-(

Best regards, George

Agreed, this would be really cool!  It is technically possible by moving the hwnd of the buttons - I have seen an older program that is no longer developed do this.

This would be cool indeed.

I'm currently using this hack:

It's not real centering, but it does the job for now.
I also support this! 
Me too!  This would be a great addition.  As someone mentioned, it shouldn't be hard to move the hwnd of the buttons.  Calculating the x axis screen position of the hwnd should be:
(screenwidth - widthoftaskbuttons)/2
Then monitor when items are added/removed from the taskbar (repositioning the hwnd each time).
TaskDock used to do this in Windows 7, but it doesn't seem to work in 8.1. It's also not supported anymore and the original download has been taken down.
I wish SoloDev released the source for it so we can see how he did it.
You can try sending him a Note/Message on DeviantArt.
I tried that, he lost the source a long time ago.
maybe you could dissasemble and/or decompile the program, since it is OK by him for you to use the code?

It is very buggy especially on HiDPI environment

Please do this! 
I, too, would love to have this feature on Taskbar Tweaker.

I also support this! Must have feature.


Would love this as well.

It would be very useful in a super wide monitor, please add this feature.

I second this. This would allow me to stop using a second program that i use to center the icons right now called TaskbarDock: https://github.com/vhanla/TaskbarDock

When considering this feature, please make it more flexible than originally requested:

It would be great to chose the taskbar icon positions on a per monitor basis. Also it would be great to not only center them but also choose left, right or center.

For example:

I would want to keep the default left to right orientation on the main monitor, but I would like to change it from right to left on the second screen.

Please make this a feature. Also, another feature that doubles their size when hovered over.

Also works without software

Dear RaMMicHaeL, do you have any plans to implement this? I don't think it should be a big deal. I found a simple project on github https://github.com/mdhiggins/CenterTaskbar

Hope it should be easy to reuse it in 7tt.

Having this option in scope of one utility (7tt) would be nice.