Possibility to always expand groups with more than 1 item and show their labels

Anonymous 12 years ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 4 years ago 6

It would be really great to have the possibility to always expand groups with more than 1 item and show their labels  (like the option to expand groups when active and/or on mouse-over).
Additionaly it would be perfect to only expand/show labels if the taskbar isn't full (maybe as explicit option?) and "iconize"/group them as soon as the taskbar is full...

I attached a screenshot. With this feature the explorer-group would also be expanded like the one of firefox but the rest should stay iconized:

Image 2


Have you tried the "Combine when taskbar is full" option of the Taskbar Properties?

With "combine when taskbar is full" all items would show their label until the taskbar is actually full but I'd love to have all "groups" with only 1 item (which actually is no group...) to only show the icon because I can easily distinguish different applications by the icon and only show the label if more than 1 instance of an application is open because I can't distinguish e.g. 2 explorers only by their icons (explorer on the screenshot above) whereas the label would be unique most of the time (firefox on the screenshot) and i wouldn't have to move the mouse over the group to see the preview of the 2 instances...

I hope my intentions are a little clearer now and would really love to see this thing implemented in your great software!


Meanwhile, this tip can come in handy:

When the Drag within/between groups using right mouse button option is set, scrolling the mouse wheel while holding the right mouse button will show/hide the label of the hovered taskbar button's Application ID.

I just discovered another workaround:

It's possible to explicitly tell specific programs to always show the label with the Taskbar Inspector. This way i can e.g. have the label of open explorers, firefoxes, ... always shown. Still it would be better to only show them if there is more than 1 open explorer but it's another possible workaround...

@RaMMicHaeL: Have you planned to realize this feature anytime in the future or shouldn't i hope for it?

You shouldn't hope for it.

There are other options, though, like decombine-on-hover and/or decombine-active.


That's a pity to hear. Unfortunately those other options don't really fit my workflow.

E.g. i don't like the decombine-on-hover/active-options because I like to know where i have to navigate my mouse to _before_ I actually reach the destination and also the hover-option brings along to much "disturbance" to the taskbar while hovering over it.

But that's just my opinion and I appreciate your decision and nonetheless would really like to thank you for the great program you are publishing!