Remember Explorer/Folder order

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by RaMMicHaeL 12 months ago 3
I have my open folders grouped together and set to restore at startup, but unfortunately, the order gets mixed up during boot. I like to drag folders I'm currently working with to the start of the group, which works fine with 7+TT, but it would be nice if there was a setting to make it automatically restore the most recent order. Seems like it wouldn't be that hard either, since it's basically all already existing technology.

Did this feature ever get implemented?

This request has popped up a few times, and I'd just like to add my take on it. Not only would it be useful for the situation presented here but, in my case, I'd really like this for when explorer.exe crashes. Granted, my system is broken (and I'm planning a full reinstall soon), so most people won't have it happening a couple dozen times a day like I do, but even on normal, "unbroken"  installs of Windows it still happens from time to time, and it would be nice to not have everything thrown about randomly afterward. In fact, I seriously wonder if M$ purposely tries to frustrate users because it seems that it almost always puts the buttons for running programs in the complete opposite order from how they were, so it's like it does remember the order, but then reverses it just to mess with you. Anyways, if 7+TT would keep a constant record of the button order, then watch for a crash and restart of explorer.exe, it could automatically put the buttons back in order. And of course this could also be applied to reboots. Also, and I realize this is probably going well beyond it's design and capabilities but, sometimes when explorer crashes, the windows stay open, but sometimes they close, and it would be nice if 7+TT could reopen them to where they were when that happens.