Windows 10 - Remove clock and Action Center icon gaps

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In Windows 10, if the taskbar is vertical, there is a large amount of padding above, and below the clock:

Image 84

When the "Show desktop" button is hidden, this becomes even more noticeable, since the clock sits above the bottom of the screen by quite a large amount.

An option to remove, or reduce this padding would be nice.

Another screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/eqJoY

My notification center, clock, and tray icons are spaced out even more and I can't seem to find a solution

just to make it clear what we mean here :)

Yes please. Even for the horizontal default taskbar at the bottom, reducing any space (if it were possible) around the language indicator, Action Center and Clock/Date would be awesome.


This would be an amazing and appreciated feature for all us space-savers out there.

I am also using the taskbar vertically. 7TT helps me by *disabling* grouping. With that, the taskbar is building nicely from above to below the open windows just like a stack. The most currently opened windows are at the bottom of the taskbar.

Working like that, vertical space is important. Therefore I streamlined this eg. by using T-Clock. So the lower end of my taskbar looks like shown here.