Not a bug

doesnt preserve pinned icons order

Nik Frolov 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 7

Hi Mike!

Thanks for the great utility! I hope you'll resolve my concern.

When I exit from 7+TT and run an application pinned to the task bar - its icon stays at the same position:

Image 539

But, if 7+TT is running - the icon jumps to the right:

Image 540

Here are my 7+TT settings:

Image 541

Thanks in advance!

Under review

Try to figure out which option causes this behavior. From your screenshot, I'd suspect the "Don't group" option. If you switch it back to "Group by Application ID", does it fix the issue?

Also, please open Taskbar Inspector before running the app, make a screenshot, then open it after running the app and make another screenshot. Post the screenshots here.


That helped!

Thank you a lot!

Great, so it's something with grouping. Still, it shouldn't happen even when the option is enabled, and looks like a bug.

Is it enough to pin the Notes program to reproduce the problem?

> Is it enough to pin the Notes program to reproduce the problem?


After some testing i dont think that this is a bug... coz other pinned applications - stay at their location:

Image 542

It only happens with (installed from MS Store):

Image 543

, and this app has many standalone windows (notes list, note1, note2.. note N). So I guess, your advice with  "Group by Application ID" is just what needs to be done for such applications.

as you've asked - TBInspector before:

Image 545

TBInspector after:

Image 546

Not a bug

Indeed it looks like it's not a bug, it's just that more than one window is being opened. It's similar to opening one window of Notepad++, then a second window of Notepad++, and then closing the first window.

You can do the following:

  • Enable the "Don't group pinned items" option to always keep pinned items separated.
  • Disable the "Don't group" option, but it will affect all programs.
  • Enable grouping only for the notes windows, as following:
    Image 547

Thanks for the new advice, but i stick with the first one, coz it is actually what I need. It also makes all Explorer windows show their correct icons and not the default one.