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Two identical machines, one can cycle through any open app. The other gets stuck.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 5

I have a strange, and frustrating problem for this amazing software.

Two identical machines (2023 razer 14 laptops). Identical windows versions, updates, drivers, etc. I can cycle through all the open windows with "cycle between taskbar buttons" on machine A, but it will not operate the same on machine B. For machine B, it cycles through any open window just fine, but stops when it gets to the video game Everquest. After it hard stops at the first instance of Everquest, it can not cycle past it. Machine A, meanwhile, has no problem cycling through any open window, including many instances of Everquest.

It wouldn't be such a huge deal if this wasn't my job. I have spent the past two days banging my head, trying to match up every setting in the book (7tt, windows, and Everquest) to no avail. I have reinstalled 7tt many times. I have tried beta version. Thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

Ok, another 4 hours sunk into this. I have gone as far as reformatting the machine that can not cycle past the game window.

Update: The game Everquest , when ran by itself, will cycle through and past the window. When I load Everquest through special software (found at www.redguides.com), THIS is the software window that stops the cycling of windows with mouse wheel. It's called "redguides launcher"

however, my other identical machine has no problem cycling through over 60 instances of the everquest game that was loaded with the redguides launcher. The same software that is somehow preventing the cycling of windows on Machine B. 

what gives? I could almost cry.. i would be happy to donate to fix this as I have spent the equivalent of three business days trying to tackle this.

please help

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Sounds similar to this report:


Perhaps your launcher is running as administrator for some reason.

Michael, Thanks for your reply. Spent better half of today hammering away.

Upon a fresh reformat/reset of machine B, I immediately install 1) explorer patcher  2) 7TT  and 3) redguides launcher. At this point I can cycle between all windows while being open. Great feeling. 

A few minutes later, somewhere between a couple software installs + windows updates (Razer synapse, amd adrenaline, firefox,), I can no longer cycle past redguides launcher. Terrible feeling.

This led to about 3 or 4 more machine B reformats, to try and see what software or windows update is killing the ability to cycle past redguides launcher. I can't pinpoint it.

I am back at a dead end. I checked all the admin properties of the redguides launcher from machine B and matched it up to machine A and they look identical. Machine B does not seem to be running in admin from what I can see.

Did you check the redguides launcher process while it's running? You can follow this guide:


Thank you Michael, I have not. Decided it's best to get back to work and move on. Not going to expend more blood sweat and tears on it. Five full work days was enough.  Appreciate you and the software, though.