"Combine grouped buttons" doesn't work on Windows Server 2022 (7+TT version 5.15.1)

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Windows Server 2022 uses the Windows 10 taskbar, and 7+TT version 5.15.1 works for everything except "Combine grouped buttons".

If I set Windows Taskbar Settings to "Never combine", then 7+TT can't combine them, using either the global setting or manually through Taskbar Inspector. OTOH, if I set Windows to "Always, hide labels", then "Don't combine grouped buttons" works to un-combine, as does using Taskbar Inspector manually.

I understand there probably aren't a lot of Server 2022 users, but the free Evaluation version has full features and can be used to test any issues.

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Can you please upload your explorer.exe file? You can use a service such as https://wetransfer.com/.

explorer.exe can be find in the C:\Windows folder.


Please try the newly released beta version, v5.15.1.1. I can't try it as I don't have Windows Server 2022 installed, but I believe that the adjustments I added will solve the problem.

It works perfectly.

Thanks for the quick fix