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Bill 5 months ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 5 months ago 3

Hi Michael,

I can't find anywhere to accomplish this request, and wonder if it is something you could incorporate into Taskbar Tweaker, or if it already exists point in the right direction to find it.

My problem is that I like thumbnail previews on the taskbar, so I don't want to set the Hover option to "nothing", but I don't care for the full-screen peek when you hover over the thumbnail. I understand that I can just not hover over the thumbnail until I am ready to click to avoid the problem, but I have legit diagnosed and medicated ADHD and it's that kind of minor inhibition that I have a very hard time controlling... thumbnails pop up and before I can stop myself I am hovering over one without even reviewing the group, and then that maximizes too fast for me to have scanned the other thumbnails in the group. Even worse, if it *is* the tab I want my default inclination is to move the mouse over the preview to where I want to cursor in the app in question, which causes the preview to disappear and I have to do the whole thing again.

This may be a minority use case, but this does seems to be the kind of thing that a user should be able to choose.

Either turning of the full-screen preview, or even being able to delay it by 5 seconds would be tremendously helpful for my productivity *and* may sanity :)

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


Under review

You can disable it with the following steps:


Let me know whether it solves your issue.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick response!

You know, that was the first thing I found, and it was on a YouTube video, and the result was that even the initial small thumbnail went away, just like your Hover option in Taskbar Tweaker. But then I was trying to get screenshots to show you the difference, but I was on my older PC that is set for best performance where that is unchecked (my usual default, but I just never set it on this new work machine) and lo and behold this machine doesn't do that :)

So I am a huge dummy, and I really appreciate that you took time out of your day to answer a question I clearly already had the answer to sitting right in front of me!