Icon padding in system tray seem buggy

Anonymous 5 months ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 5 months ago 3

Hi. Not sure if it's this installation that's mongoloid or if it's actually a bug due to the latest Windows Update.

Can't quite point my finger to any update in particular, but it's one of the latest H2-something which is all I remember, then some supplementary update to that, then a computer that wouldn't behave normally, followed by 4 times reverts to restore points, with the last resulting in a boot-loop and unable to restore (When Bitlocker is enabled, the recover boot partition is disabled in the process, apparently), so I had to install Windows on another drive, and after installing tons of stuff, it was 7+'s time to shine, but it didn't like it used to. I set all my defaults for the apps behavior and appearance, but I noticed that icons were missing.

I always disable that disgusting no-labels and grouping crap that MS enforced upon us, and I also have twice the hight of the taskbar to accomodate lots of apps, shortcuts and icons, but half the icons were missing.

I'm not sure, but I think I saw something like this during the restore point-stuff. Can't say that it actually was this, as I was focusing on getting stuff working again...

Anywhoo, I resized the taskbar and upon dragging it upwards, some icons came back,

Did this a few times, also dragged the menu to other monitors (3 screens) but no effect.

First when I thought to try changing the padding size, I tried changing between 1-8 and no effect other than either humongous space, or none at all.

When, however, I set it to 0 all icons came back, and now I can't use this feature without losing some...

Annoying to say the least. Some because the feature isn't working, but mostly that MS is forcing us to have big clunky crap with half the info missing/hidden - A line of thinking I'll never understand.



Fixed in v5.15.1.


That sounds like an incompatibility caused by the recent Windows 10 update. Please try 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.15.0.1 beta, let me know whether it fixes the issue.


Yes, that did the trick!

Thank you. It was driving me nuts!

I've been using that mod for as long as I can remember.

Without it, it's like looking at someone with gaps between their teeth


Fixed in v5.15.1.