2 small useful ideas

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Greetings, Is it possible to shrink the Win 10 tray notification icon? Or the ability to change the clock and the Notification Center icon in places, as the "ClockPositionRighteousifier" program does, but without huge gaps. If not, is it possible to at least add a combination of hotkeys for the "Night Light" on/off mode, because it's inconvenient to climb into Win10 Settings (I'll have to turn off the display of this bulky notification icon - I have it enabled due to the presence of the "Night Light" mode ", there are no more useful features in the Notification Center for me).

Another small idea:

Time + current date/month/year is displayed in the tray by default only on the "wide" taskbar with large icons. On the "small" taskbar with small icons - only the time is displayed. Is it possible to somehow reduce the font size of the clock digits in the tray so that the full display format (with the date) also fits, but already on the “small” taskbar?

I understand that these are difficult tasks to implement, if at all feasible...

Regarding the second item, check out the Taskbar Clock Customization Windhawk mod. Specifically, check out the "Text spacing" configuration.