Restoring the standard menu doesn't work on newer 7tt versions with StartIsBack

martixy 1 year ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 11 months ago 6

First, I know this has been addressed before.

Either on the side of 7tt or by the StartIsBack devs.

I just can't find it and can't remember.

But the newer versions do not work with StartIsBack's taskbar jumplists. (Behavior is consistent with StartIsBack jumplists overriding 7tt's menu.)

I do not know how the 2 interact behind the scenes and I do not wish to assign any blame in any of this.

But I am curious what the situation is.

And I want to make one observation:

7tt v5.11.3 coexists correctly with StartIsBack.

Logically that means that a change can be made on 7tt's side that can restore fix things. (No clue how practical it would be.)

Ultimately it does not matter too much.

One can

a) Either disable the StartIsBack jumplists (I personally use them rarely)

b) Remain on v5.11.3 forever (It works on 22H2, which microsoft has recently state will be the last major update to W10, so no breakage is expected.)



Done in v5.14.2.


Been looking for 5.12.0 which is optimal for 21H2 Win10 but cant find it :(

Under review

The reason for the incompatibility is that both 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and StartIsBack hook the same function, and one of the hooks takes over the other. I tried to revert the relevant portion of the changes from v5.11.3, please try beta v5.14.1.2 which I just released and let me know whether it solves the incompatibility.

It is resolved.

Honestly I did not expect a response, so I am both pleasantly surprised and thankful.


Done in v5.14.2.