Not a bug

suddenly, "taskbar wasn't found (903)"

Twisted_Code 3 years پیش به روز شده توسط Michael (Ramen Software) 2 months پیش 4

I'm not sure what happened to cause this to start happening abruptly, but right after I post this I will reboot my PC to see if it goes away. Something about 20 minutes ago caused my taskbar/explorer.exe to crash and restart, and after it did, 7 TT started having issues. First it had one error (I think it said it couldn't load the library/DLL?) and then I was prompted to update. When I updated, I started getting "taskbar wasn't found (903)", and have yet to find a resolution for it. Though, again, I haven't rebooted my PC yet so... let me turn it off and back on again before you take this report too seriously :-)

could just be a reboot skeleton in the closet... but I always like to let the dev know as soon as I see something weird, regardless of that possibility! (especially since, even if I resolve it myself, that's a resolution someone else can use if they run into the same issue)

yeah seems to have been a fluke/"reboot skeleton". I should have known...

still, I do wonder how you can end up unable to find the taskbar? It's not as though Explorer wasn't running, right?

Not a bug

That's a great question, the "taskbar wasn't found" message should never show up, unless maybe you have some other taskbar customization tool that might interfere with the tweaker. If you find a way to reproduce the error message, let me know. Meanwhile, I'm closing this topic since there's not much I can do with it without a way to reproduce the problem.

I get a 7+tt crash several times a day, with an error box saying: '7+ Taskbar Tweaker not found'.

The only way to fix this, is to stop the inactive 7+tt using task manager. Only then I can restart it.

I'm not a programmer, but I guess another program is the culprit. It happens randomly on ALL my computers, so it's hard for me to find out, which program is causing it.

- Specs: W10 proff x64 activated on my 3 computers with both Intel and AMD motherboards.

The error has appeared at least. the last 2 years on/off. I'm not having any other inexplicable errors on my computers, that I couldn't fix.

You're commenting on a topic which is not about a crash. Please create a new topic.

Also, please post a crash dump. You should be able to get it with the following steps:

  • Open regedit
  • Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting
  • Create a key named LocalDumps
  • Create a DWORD value named DumpType with value 2
  • Trigger the crash
  • Go to the %LocalAppData%\CrashDumps folder, you should see a dump file in there