v5.12.1 broke right click menu

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 1 year ago 4

With the Standard window menu option, right click gets you jump list, while shift+right click gives no menu (jump or normal).

Also, is it possible to make older versions available?

Win 10 v2004

Correct. I am using StartIsBack.

However since an update to 7tt broke things (rather than StartIsBack), conventional wisdom says 7tt should also be able to fix things. Perhaps examine the recent changes to the program to see what triggered the issue?

I am also not certain it is the same issue - there is no “Use enhanced classic jumplists” in StartIsBack, only "Use StartIsBack taskbar jumplist" which all it seems to do is reduce the margins on the jumplist.

And once again - is it possible to make older versions available somewhere, to allow for downgrading in such scenarios?

It worked by accident, and it became broken by accident. Keeping two customization tools that have no coordination compatible is quite tricky. I might look into fixing it later, but it's not a priority.

Regarding older versions, you can find them here: