Enable Taskbar scrolling (Multipage Taskbar) by Mouse Wheel

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Done in v4.3.1 as a registry option.

That's exactly the idea that brought me to this program. If the taskbar has multiple rows, I'd like to use the wheel to change from one row to the other. I find the alternatives (finding the tiny scroll buttons, or using Alt+Tab or Win+Tab) unsatisfactory. I want to see the buttons, not the application windows, before choosing the application to focus.

Done in v4.3.1 as a registry option.

Sounds great, but... how do I enable it?  I swear I don't see it in the main UI.

It's a registry option.
See help file (Advanced -> OptionsEx) for more details.

Here are .reg files you can use to apply the option:

Remember to restart the tweaker for the option to apply.

and.. If you are using the Portable version, you need to edit the INI file...

Doesn't work anymore.

I tried it and it works for me. Make sure you're using the latest version of the tweaker.

Maybe I'm not clear on what this feature does:

I have Hovering option set to List. So, if I have a large number of windows open for a single app, like a browser: I hover my mouse cursor over the icon in the taskbar and it displays a list of windows. When the list becomes too tall, it starts to put a little arrow (triangle) at the top and bottom of the list. Scrolling my mouse wheel does nothing. I have to use those arrows at the top and bottom of the list.

I have multipage_wheel_scroll set to 1 in advanced options and using v5.15.1. 

Maybe I'll try completely uninstalling, wiping all settings and registry entries, and reinstalling. 

Yes, this option is unrelated to the list scrolling. It's about taskbar scrolling as in the following screenshot:

Image 548

Ah okay!

Is it possible to add an option so I can easily scroll up and down the list of windows for a single grouped application while hovering over the list? It's rather slow and tedious to move my cursor all the way to the top or bottom of the list to either click or hover the arrows.

It's not a common request and not a priority. Maybe one day...
If it's important to you and you'd like to sponsor it, contact me.