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Can you post your tweaker options, as well as a screenshot before and after clicking the shortcut (or a video)?

Thank you for the info. I see that it's not detected on VirusTotal:


Hopefully, the false positive is removed. If not, hopefully it will be removed soon.

I think that we're talking about different things. Which subdirectories are you talking about, what menus, what "hide"? Can you post a screenshot? 

Sort settings are indeed not saved. That's not a bug, it's just not implemented. You can easily sort the items after a restart via Taskbar Inspector:

Image 532

You can also configure a keyboard shortcut for even quicker sorting using advanced options, see:


Regarding "hidden items", what do you mean by that?

It's fine if it's a suggestion for the tweaker, it's just that you created it as a bug. You can exit the tweaker and check whether it's caused by it.

For now I'll assume that it's unrelated, and will change the status to "idea".

Is that issue caused by 7+ Taskbar Tweaker? It has no functionality that's directly related to that.

So what is the issue? If you want volume control to only work in the notification area, check "The notification area" option.