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No, there's no such option. Changing to "Idea".

Вы можете использовать параметр командной строки «-hidewnd». Вообще, он добавляется автоматически при установке. Возможно, вы настроили автозагрузку вручную или используете портабельную версию.

Should be fixed in v5.15.1.2 beta. Please try it and let me know if the fix works for you.

remove the Scrollbar that appears when I have more than 1 row of icons in taskbar

What would you like to happen instead?

prevent scrolling into completely blank rows

I never encountered it, but it sounds like a Windows bug. Do you have a way to reproduce this issue?

Is the idea that I should apply this customization when the odd behavior occurs, as a test?

As a test to see whether it's related. Then, once we gather more info, it might be useful as a long-term workaround too.

I guess the thing I should test the next time the issue occurs is: what happens if I close the tweaker, but do not restart it. Does the issue persist, or does it go away when the tweaker is closed?

Yes, that would clarify whether the issue is actually related to the tweaker.

I meant, "stuck" in software, i.e. somehow explorer thinks that shift is pressed.

What I also meant in my previous comment is that you can configure shift+click, and then if you see that action being triggered instead of the new instance action, you'll know that it's indeed related to shift+click somehow.

"is related to something that is happening in the tweaker" - what makes you say that?

You can try customizing the Shift+click event to see whether it's being triggered for some reason, maybe because the shift key gets stuck or something. You can open the advanced options from the tray icon and configure it as following:

Image 537

What's your 7+ Taskbar Tweaker version? Please make sure that you're using the latest version, 5.15.1.