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This is a situation where two opposite "always do" options are turned on - never show labels for gimp, and always show labels for decombined items. One of them must win.
Until now it was the latter.

I made it so that it would depend on the global labeling configuration:
If your taskbar configuration is "Always combine, hide labels", never show labels for X wins. Otherwise, always show labels for decombined items wins.

In short, it's fixed in v4.1.7 :)


There's a registry option to disable jump lists that appear by dragging.

Set the following DWORD value to 1:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7 Taskbar Tweaker\OptionsEx

The tweaker assumes to be installed in a folder that doesn't require admin rights - by default, the setup doesn't run as admin and the default setup folder is %appdata%\7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

You can run the setup explicitly as administrator and install the tweaker in, e.g., Program Files - then the auto update won't work.

Updating as administrator is not a solution as it's not required for most users. The only accepted solution might be to check whether the installation path requires admin rights, and only then run the update as administrator. I'll see how doable it is.
As far as I know, their second taskbar is a manually implemented clone of the original one. In such case, I'd have to reimplement the tweaks as well.
This is not planned, especially considering the fact that Windows 8 has a native support for multiple taskbars, which the tweaker already supports.

I guess the best you can do is to ask DisplayFusion for the features you'd like to have on the second monitor.
What does the random Application ID look like?
You can try win7appid to create a shortcut with a custom Application ID.
First, thanks for the donation :)
As for the feature request: well, multiple taskbar buttons usually represent multiple windows, e.g. multiple open folders. Making a left click to minimize them all is not appropriate. As far as I know, newer Photoshop versions create a taskbar button for every tab, right? In such case, I guess the best I can suggest is to use the classic right click menu, which has the Minimize all windows item.
There's no much logic, it restores in a more or less random order.
I don't think the feature worth the effort, as normally explorer shouldn't crash at all.
A much better solution would be find the cause of your crashes.