Incompatibility with Dexpot, a virtual desktop manager

race fdm 2 года назад обновлен Michael (Ramen Software) 2 года назад 0

Good day.

It's hard for me to describe in words the bug I found. I will try to describe in steps:

0) windows 10 20h2

1) in the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker program enable Hide start button option

2) in Dexpot program (https://dexpot.de/?lang=en - virtual desktop manager) enable plugin "Taskbar pager"

and the pager that appears on the taskbar will behave very strangely. to fix the situation, it is enough to remove the setting "Hide start button" in 7+ TT settings. Interestingly, installing a different start button hider (http://www.startkiller.com/ - StartKiller, for example) does not lead to this behavior.

Hope this bug gets fixed. Thank you.

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