Taskbar hidden notification area icons grid size

George 3 vika síðan Uppfært 3 vika síðan 7

My hidden notification area icons currently display in a grid size of 4 x 4, but the grid size does appear to be random when icons are added / removed. 

Is there a way (using Tasker or otherwise) to set the grid size default? eg 5 x 4?

Under review

Which grid are you referring to? Post a screenshot to clarify what you mean.

In the taskbar when you click the ^ icon to show hidden icons

is it possible to set the size of the grid? As you can see it is currently 4x4 but sometimes it would be preferable to change this to say 5x3

It wasn't clear that you were referring to the notification area icons. Currently, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker doesn't have related options. I changed the topic topic to "idea", perhaps I'll revisit it for one of the future versions.

Sorry for the confusion, I did say "My hidden notification area icons currently display in a grid size of 4 x 4".

Thanks for considering this for future versions!

The "notification area" part was added by me ;)